Dentistry for Adults Gillette WY
Dental Root Canal Treatment Gillette WYWe Can Save Hopeless Teeth

When roots of teeth have been damaged or infected, the only option used to be extraction. This can cause problems such as bone loss and shifting teeth, so it should be a last resort. But in the case of an infected tooth, or when dental decay reaches the tooth’s nerve, a simple filling won’t suffice. But there is a procedure that can save the tooth! In a root canal, we remove the tooth’s pulp chamber and fill it with a filling material. Saving the tooth does more than prevent a gap between teeth. It keeps bone loss from occurring in the jaw. Other teeth won’t shift, your appearance and the shape of your bite won’t change. We use modern anesthetics and technology so your root canal can be a comfortable, beneficial procedure.

Oral Hygiene Dental Visits Gillette WYHygiene Visits – Our Most Vital Service

It may seem basic and routine, but getting your teeth cleaned by a professional hygienist is one of the most important reasons to visit us. Plaque and tartar form on teeth over time. Soft and sticky plaque can usually be mostly removed by regular brushing. But plaque hardens into tartar, and your typical toothbrush and floss aren’t enough to take care of it. Why is that bad? Tartar accumulates below the gumline as well as on the surface of the teeth. If it’s not removed by a professional, you are at greater risk for more serious problems with your teeth and gums in the future. Recent research shows a definite link between untreated gum disease and other serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Get your teeth cleaned regularly; it’s an easy, important way you can stay healthy!

Dentistry for Seniors Gillette WYAddressing the Special Needs of Seniors

Everyone knows our bodies change as we age. It makes sense that our teeth and gums do too. Plaque that has built up over years, combined with the consumption of coffee, tea, or tobacco, can turn teeth dark. Medications can sometimes cause reduced saliva flow. Ask us about simple products and procedures that can address all of these issues. Remember, when your fillings get older, they can also become weaker or develop cracks. That’s why regular check-ups are so important. We can keep an eye on your current fillings and address any problems before they get too big. Seniors can also suffer from advanced gum disease and/or root decay, which renders daily cleaning and good nutrition critical to maintain oral health. If you notice redness or bleeding in your gums or that your teeth are loosening, contact us immediately.

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