Dental Implants Dentist Gillette WY
Implant Dentistry Gillette WYDental Implants – Beautiful Replacements for Any Number of Missing Teeth

Are you self-conscious about smiling because of gaps where you are missing teeth? The best solution is dental implants. We can place implants in the front of the mouth, where everyone can see them, and also in the back, where you need stable chewing for all your favorite foods. Implants can help return your beautiful and healthy smile. Bridges and dentures don’t fully replace your teeth, but rest on top of your gums. This allows bone loss and makes them look less like your real teeth. But dental implants are placed into the bone, helping to preserve it. The constructed tooth that is placed onto the implant looks far more natural, because it comes up through the gums just like the originals! Dr. Hopp can replace one lost tooth with an implant, or every tooth with multiple implants. Even if you have no teeth, implants can replace your dentures. Because implants are so firmly placed, there's no slippage while you talk, and you don’t need to remove them at night. No referral to another office is necessary, because we oversee the entire process, from implant placement to crown fabrication.

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants Gillette WYAn Exciting Implant Option

Traditional implants provide long-lasting, firm results, but many of Dr. Hopp’s patients prefer a different option – immediate load implants. These work just like they sound! Instead of placing a full mouth’s worth of individual implants, we can install four to six implants. These hold permanent dentures in place that never need to be taken out. Sound good? It gets better! You can arrive in our office with missing or unhealthy teeth and leave with beautiful, functioning teeth – in the same visit. The use of four to six strategically positioned implants provides strong support for your new teeth. Immediate load implants can withstand pressure immediately without having to wait for the bone to heal around them.

In the past when a patient lost teeth through trauma, disease, or extraction and opted to have dental implants, they would most often need to be referred to an oral surgeon. The surgeon would place the implants and send the
patient back to the regular dentist to have the teeth placed on the implants. In our practice, we can place the immediate load implants and the teeth in a single visit. And the patient doesn’t have to wait six months of having a space in their mouth.

Mini Dental Implants DentistryHave You Been Told You Can’t Have Implants? Mini-Implants
Can Help!

Many denture wearers were told they were not good candidates for implants because of insufficient bone density. But dentures often slip, tilt, and wander, and implants provide strength and stability. We are very happy to present a relatively recent breakthrough called mini-implants. Mini-implants anchor your dentures securely enough to eliminate slippage and trapped food. We can place them in one visit and they are virtually painless. You can even look forward to eating the same day you receive them. Since they can often be placed where regular implants cannot, you could potentially receive the benefits of mini-implants even if you are not a candidate for regular implants.